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Always put up a sign in your home when you’re running an ozone generator, so a family member doesn’t accidentally walk into the room that you’re treating.

When your house smells a little funky, an odor-eliminating spray, plug-in air freshener, or scented candle may be all you need to freshen it up. But if you're dealing with persistent home odor, you may need a more powerful solution. An ozone generator releases a gas into the surrounding air that can kill odor-causing bacteria, so your home is back to smelling fresh and clean. You should be careful when you're shopping for an ozone generator because it can be dangerous if you don't choose the right model. Even in small amounts, ozone is hazardous to your family and pets, so you have to be able to rely on your unit to operate safely and effectively.

With our shopping guide, you'll have all the information you need to find the best ozone generator for your home. We've included a few specific product recommendations, too, including our top pick the Enerzen Commercial Ozone Generator, which offers a significant ozone output per hour and is extremely effective for ridding the air of smoke and mold odor.

Considerations when choosing ozone generators


Before you purchase an ozone generator, it's essential to understand the potential danger involved. An ozone generator is a device that emits ozone gas into the air around it. The gas can kill living organisms, such as bacteria that cause odors, but that means it's also hazardous to people and animals. When you're running an ozone generator, no one should be in the room, and the door should be sealed securely to keep the ozone from making its way to other areas of your home.

Ozone output

If an ozone generator is going to deal with your home-odor problem effectively, you have to consider how much ozone it can release per hour. Many manufacturers disclose the amount in the generator's product specifications, but if you don't see it listed for a model, the appliance likely doesn't generate enough ozone to be effective.

Units with a high ozone output are typically more successful in removing odors and don't need to run as long to deal with the problem. Many ozone generators average an ozone output of 350 mg/hr, but you can find some as high as 10,000 mg/hr.



A timer is an essential feature for an ozone generator because you don't want to be in the same room as the device to turn it off. With a timer, you can set the generator to turn off at a specific time without you needing to press any buttons. Look for a unit with a delayed start feature, too, so you're able to leave the room before the generator starts releasing ozone.


To effectively remove odor, the gas that an ozone generator produces has to circulate throughout the room. You can set up fans to move the ozone, but it helps to choose a generator with a built-in fan. Opt for a model with a fan that you can direct upward for better circulation because ozone is heavier than air.

Ozone control

Some ozone generators allow you to choose a desired level of ozone. The machine will work at your selected ozone-output level to deal with your problem but won't produce more than you need, which can limit the potential hazard.

Filter system

On its own, an ozone generator can't remove allergens from the air. If you opt for a model with a filter system, though, it can remove dust, dirt, dander, and other allergens in addition to odors.


Some ozone generators have a remote, which allows you to turn the appliance on or set the timer without being right in front of it. That can make it easier to leave the room right after you've turned the unit on because you can stand in the doorway, and use the remote to operate the generator.


Ozone generators generally cost between $22 and $200. You'll typically pay between $22 and $50 for compact units that can only handle small spaces and $50 to $90 for table-sized units with special features that work for larger rooms. If you want a commercial-grade model with a filter system, ozone control setting, and other special features, expect to pay $100 to $200-plus.


Q. Is it safe to use an ozone generator?

A. If it's not used properly, an ozone generator can be extremely hazardous. Ozone generators have even been banned in California. If you follow the proper safety precautions, you can use an ozone generator safely. You're better off if you can leave your home while it's running, and then give the room some time to air out after it's run. Use a handheld ozone detector to ensure the air is safe before letting your family back into the house.

Q. How does an ozone generator remove odors?

A. Ozone is deadly to all living things, so it's able to kill the bacteria that cause many common odors and eliminate the smell.

Ozone generators we recommend

Best of the best: Enerzen's Commercial Ozone Generator

Our take: Has a smaller design than other ozone generators, but it still effectively and reliably removes odors from small and large areas.

What we like: Offers an ozone output of 4,500 mg/h. Plates that produce ozone don't cost much to replace. Works especially well to remove stubborn odors from mold, smoke, and other substances.

What we dislike: Makes quite a bit of noise when in use. Cord is on the short side. Can leave behind a chemical odor for several days when used for more than one treatment cycle.

Best bang for your buck: One Earth's Health Ozone Generator Air Purifier

Our take: An effective option for small spaces like closets and bathrooms and features a quiet-running fan.

What we like: Can typically remove odors in as little as one-half hour. Ozone odor isn't particularly strong and fades quickly. Features a streamlined portable design.

What we dislike: Can't adjust ozone levels. Fan can start to make a buzzing sound over time.

Choice 3: Green Air's Classic Ozone Generator

Our take: A sleek-looking ozone generator with plenty of helpful features that can remove contaminants and odors from your home.

What we like: Uses ozone to remove odors, a carbon filter to remove allergens, and ionization to drop dust particles on the ground for easy clean-up. Includes a remote for convenient operation. Features a built-in timer. Come with a two-year warranty.

What we dislike: Dust accumulates on it easily, so it needs to be cleaned regularly.

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