35 Jaw-Dropping Wedding Cakes

Check out these over-the-top creations from the best wedding-cake bakeries around America

You’re going to love these incredible wedding cakes.

A wedding cake isn’t simply dessert on a couple’s big day. It isn’t just a treat that tastes good. It isn’t just a tradition. Having a memorable wedding cake on your big day has become as important to the overall experience as a beautiful ceremony and a killer dress.

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Today, order just the right wedding cake is just as vital a part of the bridal preparations as choosing a venue or a photographer. That's because the wedding cake is now a decorative (and delicious) symbol of the whole event — one that can be baked and sculpted either to reflect the theme of the day or simply the personalities of the couple in question. While the traditional tiered classic is always acceptable and still seen at many weddings, it’s the creative, spectacular cakes that are catching everyone's attention. These extravagant confections come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, depending on the couple’s hobbies, interests, and themes.


If you’re planning your own wedding, helping another couple with theirs, or just love the artistry of cakes, we pulled together a collection of incredible, jaw-dropping wedding cakes designed by artisanal cake-bakers all over the world to help inspire and delight you.