14 Easy Slow-Cooker Meals to Make in Your Dorm Room

Your student diet doesn’t have to consist solely of leftover pizza thanks to these dorm room slow-cooker recipes
Slow-Cooker Lasagna


Your slow-cooker can make the easiest, tastiest, and most affordable of dinners.

Student cooking has a bad reputation: Endless meals of boxed max and cheese, frozen ready meals, pizza, and microwaved burritos are considered the norm.  

 The blame always seems to fall on lack of time, lack of a kitchen, lack of cooking equipment, and, obviously, lack of money. However, by just investing in one piece of kitchen equipment, student meals can be changed forever. A slow-cooker has the ability to make hearty, healthy, delicious, affordable meals, without you really needing to do anything at all.

14 Easy Slow-Cooker Meals to Make in Your Dorm Room (Slideshow)

Being a terrible cook and not being able to afford fancy ingredients are not good enough excuses to get out of making yourself a homemade lunch or dinner when you have a slow-cooker on hand. Most of these dishes simply require you to throw everything into the pot and leave it there to simmer while you get on with your day. The most complicated thing you’ll have to do to perfect any of these recipes is to roughly chop some vegetables — we told you it was easy.

With dishes ranging from a hearty, comforting fire pot roast, to a Spanish-inspired lentil and chorizo stew, to a fancy bowl of chicken cheese tortellini soup, there is a wide enough range of super simple slow-cooker dorm room recipes to keep you going for the whole semester. And make sure you don’t forget that you can use this piece of kitchen equipment for more than just dinner: Waking up to warm, slow-cooked oatmeal, is a much better way to start your day than a cold, stale, leftover slice of pizza.

Read on to find the easiest, slow-cooker dorm room meals, which are going to become the tastiest staple meals for the rest of your college life.

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