10 Gifts All College Freshmen Need for Their Dorm Room

Don’t let your grad go off to college without these great gifts

Help your college-bound grad avoid noodles every night with these great gifts.

Graduating from high school is something that every kid simultaneously looks forward to and dreads. On the one hand, a chapter they could very well miss is closing. On the other, a horizon lies ahead that is full of potential and hope. While no one can 100 percent prepare a graduate for the next step in life, you can help give them some of the useful tools they’ll need to be successful.

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This is especially true for the graduate going off to live at college. While there is a long list of things they need (and a longer list of things they think they need), there are some items everyone forgets about, especially when it comes to kitchen gadgets. We know what you’re thinking: what college freshman has an actual kitchen in their dorm room? The truth is, they don’t. So what they need are dorm room-safe (or apartment-approved) gadgets that can help them avoid gaining some of the “freshman 15” and help prepare them for the days where they do have a kitchen they can cook in.

We devised a list of must-have gadgets that range from the serious to the silly that will all help your favorite graduate claim their culinary independence. From a mini microwave to an expert-level Ramen cooker, these small gadgets will definitely make their transition into collegiate life a more delicious one!

Mini Burner
mini burner

Your graduate won’t likely be able to take this into a dorm room, but if they have access to a communal kitchen or are renting a room in a shared apartment, this could be a useful gift.

A single burner will allow them to fry eggs, make grilled cheeses, or heat up soup for a quick bite to eat between classes without disturbing roommates.

Coffee Maker
coffee maker

Trust us: no college kid will survive their higher education without a coffee maker. From the late night study sessions to the early exams, a coffee maker will save them from having to scrape together coins to pay for coffee on the way to class. 


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