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12 Crazy Easy Desserts to Make With the Kids

Inspire your kids in the kitchen with these super simple sweet treats

There’s no denying that kids love desserts. And you’ll find that they love them even more when they’ve made them themselves, or have at least helped you, the baking-expert grown-up, in the creation process. You could start your kids off on the baking journey with a boxed cake mix, made with a few additions, or with a batch of four-ingredient Nutella brownies to demonstrate that making something rich and sweet doesn’t need to be complicated. If you’re feeling brave, and if your kids are slightly more advanced in the kitchen realm, then introduce them to the magical world of making meringues or the perfect chocolate chip cookie with your tips and tricks and our easier-than-pie recipes.

12 Crazy Easy Desserts to Make With the Kids (Slideshow)

If you don’t want your little ones going near an oven or hot stove, then start their dessert-making adventures with a no-bake apple parfait (pretty desserts don’t need to be complicated) and fruity (and also, as it happens, healthy) ice pops. If you’re happy to introduce your kids to cooking on the stove, then the wonderful world of chocolate desserts suddenly opens up to you: Chocolate bark is made by just melting chocolate and scattering your favorite sweet ingredients on top, and chocolate mousse requires two skills that kids will love and be fascinated by: melting chocolate and whipping egg whites.

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Encouraging your kids to melt, stir, freeze, whip, bake, and decorate in the kitchen is a fantastic way to get them interested in what they’re eating and how food is made. Starting their cooking lessons with desserts is the easiest way to get them interested, as they can make food they love in a brief amount of time with hardly any skill and with only a tiny bit of supervision and input from you.