Check Out This Genius Way to Separate Eggs

Making custards, macarons, and meringue will never be the same again
Egg-Separating Trick

Photo Raw Separated Chicken Yolk Modified: Flickr/Wilson Hui/CC 4.0

This video shows how to separate an egg using a water bottle.

Saveur magazine may have wowed the culinary world with a quick video showing us how to peel a head of garlic in less than 10 seconds (we still need to try that one out), but here's another tutorial that will change your life.

This quick Chinese video from shows a woman separating an egg yolk from a pool of egg whites with just an empty water bottle. There isn't any juggling between egg shells or fancy spooning; the egg yolk simply slides magically into the bottle, sans breaking. Turns out, the bottle acts as a suction cup to carefully transport an egg yolk around.  While it didn't work for some commenters ("I tried this and the yolk blew up and went everywhere," somebody wrote) another commenter points out that the eggs have to be fresh.

Nevertheless, the trick is genius. Our minds = blown. Watch below, then go make that batch of meringue you've been holding off on. Also, ice cream.

(Photo Raw Separated Chicken Yolk Modified: Flickr/Wilson Hui/CC 4.0)