25 Best Frozen Yogurt Shops Across the US

We examine and rank the hottest places in the US to get this cool, low-cal treat
best frozen yogurt

As spring approaches, the time for frozen treats is getting nearer too, so what better time to examine the best frozen yogurt shops across the country? Although there are some great mom-and-pop, single location fro-yo shops and stands, we opted to focus on businesses with multiple locations in order to increase the odds that you’ll be able to find one in your neck of the woods — and with the recent surge in frozen yogurt popularity over the last few years, this shouldn’t be an especially difficult task.

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Since this is a ranking, we kept a few criteria in mind when including and evaluating each brand: composition of their base material and the use of real ingredients versus powders and/or essences (for the record, the Food and Drug Administration mandates that products marked as “yogurt” must be produced using at least two bacteria cultures), variety and quality of both the yogurt flavors and assorted toppings, and the atmosphere of the shop itself — which was found to be generally constant among the locations within each different brand.


Using these variables, we compiled a list of 25 frozen yogurt shops that can be found in all corners of America (and some other countries as well), and placed the smaller chains in direct competition with the bigger names. Break out your flip-flops and short sleeves, throw on some shades, and leave your guilty feelings at the door as you explore the best frozen yogurt shops across the country with us.