Frozen Treats That Will Help You Slim Down for Summer

This summer, add to your joy while subtracting from your waistline
Slim Down with Ice Pops

Feel better about summer snacking with these healthy and refreshing recipes.


Memorial Day is over, which means summer has unofficially arrived, and warm weather enthusiasts are basking in the glory of sun rays and refreshing summer cocktails. While summer is perfect for foods that range from grilled meats to sensational salads, the food of the season is without a doubt the frozen treat. Ice creams, ice pops, custards, frozen pies — all of these frosty delights refresh a sun-weary stomach. However, if they’re loaded with sugars and bad carbs, your beach ready stomach might turn into a bloated one.

Frozen Treats That Will Help You Slim Down for Summer
With hours to spend on the beach or by the pool, the last thing you want to worry about is a protruding tummy. Whether you’re concerned about your physique or worried about keeping the kids healthy, your need for a sweet summer snack is one that must be met. Instead of reaching for a carton of ice cream, why not pre-make summer snacks that perfectly satisfy your frozen craving while keeping you fit?

To help you achieve a balance of happy and healthy, we rounded up some of the healthiest homemade frozen treats you've ever tried. Simple sliced bananas can be a refreshing way to cool off as well as satiate that sweet tooth. Our mixed berry clusters are the perfect way to snack guilt-free. With recipes for quick summer bites, granitas, and ice pops, all of your frozen cravings will be satisfied even as you slim down for summer!

Applesauce Ice Pops

Nothing says summer like ice popsand the flavor possibilities are limitless. If you can freeze it, it can become an ice popApplesauce ice pops are especially great snacks for both children and adults. Pureéd applesauce works best — it can be thinned out with water, making for a consistency more suitable for freezing. Children love this snack because it puts the familiar — applesauce — on a stick! Adults will love it, too, particularly with the addition of chopped herbs like mint or rosemary for a grown-up spin on a childhood favorite.

  • Soni Sapathy

Blackberry Ice Pops


These delicious ice pops are as satisfying to eat as they are to look at — they’re a refreshing way to beat the summer heat. Even better, this recipe comes in at under 100 calories a pop.