Embarcadero Center Cinema

Indie Movies, Cineplex, Movie Theater
1 Embarcadero Ctr, Promenade Level (at Battery St)
San Francisco, CA 94111
(415) 352-0835


  • Turn OFF your cell phone!
  • If you're reading this during the movie you are an asshole.
  • Take a moment to realize how much better than other theaters this one is.
  • Some SF theaters have more interesting selection, some are better venues, but factor in both, and you'll find the Embarcadero Cinema to be a consistent (& sadly uncontested) winner
  • Newly remodeled. You can now reserve specific seats. Concession stand has many new snacks. Finally another movie theater with kettle corn!
  • Put nutritional yeast on your popcorn!
  • Remodeled and amazing! The leather loungers fully recline
  • This is easily the best theater on earth. Wine, electric reclining seats, Jr. size popcorn. I'm not worthy!
  • Save money on the ticket and bring your own seat! It's also fun to to watch a movie on your iPad during the main feature (remember to turn off your phone so you don't distract others).
  • They validate parking for 4 hours
  • Be sure to get the frozen Junior Mints!
  • Theaters 4 & 5 have the sweet 1st Class fully reclining seats. Theaters 6 & 7 do not.
  • Southwest Spring Roll is surprisingly spicy & tasty.
  • Very Tricky to find the Theater since the Embarcadero Center can be a maze if you are not living in SF. Great International Theater with spectacular scenery.
  • Great independent films
  • The embarcadero center is a maze, be early not to miss your movie!
  • These are cramped spaces for films, but there is a lot of foreign and "high risk" fare that won't show anywhere else. Snack bar was first in SF to provide nutritional yeast for popcorn. Yay vegans!
  • Take the Shrim bath! It's amazing!
  • Watching the new documentary SENNA!
  • Free movie posters in the lobby!

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