The Electric Toothache Buzz Button Test

From by Caitlin Gunther
The Electric Toothache Buzz Button Test

By Robert Laing—CEO, Farm.One

“I can’t feel my mouth.”

“I’m drooling.”


“What? What is this?”

“It’s salty.”

“Sichuan peppercorn?”

“My tongue is all numb down one side.”

“Will I ever be normal again?”

“I like it.”

“I don’t like it.”

The toothache button fascinates me. It seems to sit on the edge of danger. The rest of the culinary plant world is so “safe” and well-defined. The traditional French herb garden has such an air of familiarity that it verges on boring. The toothache plant, however, is different.


Keep reading to learn about the toothache plant and check out the taste test video.