Brix Holdings To Install NorthStar Point of Sale Across All Five Brands


(  MURTEC Las Vegas – Booth#62 – BRIX Holdings, LLC, a multi brand franchisor whose portfolio includes Red Mango® Yogurt Café Smoothie & Juice Bar, Smoothie Factory® Juice Bar, RedBrick Pizza® Kitchen Cafe, Greenz® and Souper Salad® chains, has partnered with NorthStar Order Entry to update the point of sale systems across all five of its brands.

After testing the NorthStar system in each brand, Brix Holdings will roll out the new point of sale system to all current and planned franchised locations. The NorthStar system is presently installed in more than 75 Brix Holdings locations with more installs coming on line each week.

Developed for the restaurant industry seven years ago, NorthStar point of sale provides an omnichannel system for guests and servers to more efficiently place orders while managing security, improving speed of service and enhancing the guest experience, all managed from the cloud.

According to Brix Holdings’ President and CEO Craig Erlich, the NorthStar system provides valuable ease of use needed for their franchise system, while giving operators better data control as it fully integrates with each brand’s loyalty and gift card programs

“As our brands continue to grow, we needed a system that could integrate across of our brands while adhering to updated credit card processing requirements and NorthStar has delivered that and more. Working with NorthStar has been a quality experience for us as we are aware how difficult launching new platforms can be,” said Craig Erlich.

2017 was a banner year for Brix Holdings as Red Mango celebrated its 10th anniversary, Smoothie Factory rolled out all-natural fresh juices, RedBrick Pizza debuted a new prototype and all brands experienced growth with non-traditional locations including a Red Mango opening at the Dallas Cowboys headquarters and training center.

NorthStar is currently used by a wide variety of restaurant and retailers including quick service, fast casual, casual dining and upscale dining locations across the country.

About BRIX Holdings, LLC

BRIX Holdings, LLC is a Dallas-based company specializing in chains with superior products and attractive growth prospects. BRIX Holdings focuses on brands that are both attractive to the single-unit owner/operator franchisee and have the potential to grow into national and international award-winning chains. The current BRIX Holdings franchise portfolio includes the Red Mango ® Yogurt Café Smoothie & Juice Bar, Smoothie Factory ® Juice Bar, RedBrick Pizza ® Kitchen Cafe, Greenz ® and Souper Salad ® chains.

About NorthStar Point of Sale

Developed for the restaurant industry seven years ago, NorthStar delivers a robust cloud-based omnichannel point of sale system for hospitality businesses that integrates point of sale, guest ordering, kiosk, web and online ordering into one solution.  In addition to being EMV compliant, NorthStar is processor agnostic and allows hospitality businesses to choose their own credit card processing company. NorthStar was developed by Irvine, Calif.-based Custom Business Solutions, which has decades of experience in cash management for restaurant companies, to address market changes in technology and its rapid adaptation in the hospitality industry. For more information visit

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