Baker a viral sensation for life-sized deer cake

By Stephanie Sigafoos, The Morning Call (Allentown, Pa.)
Shady Maple Farm Market/Allentown Morning Call/TNS

A life-sized deer cake created by cake ecorating supervisor Pam McNeal.

ALLENTOWN, Pa. - A cake decorator at the famed Shady Maple Farm Market in Lancaster County, Pa., is now a viral internet sensation thanks to one amazing, life-sized creation.

Pam McNeal, a cake decorating supervisor at the market in East Earl, Pa., created a deer cake complete with antlers. The cake is so life-like the animal's front legs are gently folded and its ears standing as though it were listening to the sounds of the forest.

In addition to the farm market, Shady Maple is known for its on-site Smorgasbord, said to be the longest buffet in the United States. The 200-foot buffet highlights authentic Pennsylvania Dutch cooking.

Shady Maple said on Facebook anyone wanting a similar life-sized deer cake or other creation can reach out to McNeal by calling 717-354-4981. The market can also be contacted through Facebook or through its website.

Comments on the Shady Maple Facebook page herald McNeal as an "incredible" baker and a "true artist." Many people have left comments requesting other confections such as a motorcycle cake.

One woman commented, "I've shown this picture to my husband who is always on the search for the 'big buck' during hunting season. He was impressed by the cake! So realistic! Beautiful piece of work!"

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