Easter Bacon-Wrapped Ham

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A fitness trainer and Paleo dieter explains how a bacon-wrapped ham can be a healthy Easter dish
Lynn Maleh

Ham on ham makes the perfect Easter centerpiece.

Unlike the winter holidays, where you can mask all of that stuffing and gravy under thick sweaters and warm layers, Easter falls right around spring dress season. So what do you cook up that’s delicious for the family and kind to your waist line?

My tip: bacon-wrapped ham.

Yes, you read that right: bacon-wrapped ham is a surprisingly nutritious choice for this year’s Easter brunch. Despite dated notions of the evils of fatty meats, ham and bacon are excellent sources of energy (in moderation, of course!) and help keep you fuller, longer than lean meats or insulin-spiking starches.

Trust me on this one; I’m well-versed on the matter. I’m not only a competitive CrossFit-er (of which proper nutrition is essential), professional wellness writer, and representative of the athletic retailer Clothing Shop Online, but I’m a follower of a new, little-known diet called Paleo and have lost 8 percent of my body fat on it, without even meaning to.

The Paleo Diet replaces gluten, dairy, legumes (beans, peanuts, etc), refined sugar, and processed foods with what our caveman ancestors probably ate: meat (including lean and fatty cuts), eggs, healthy oils, nuts/seeds, fruits, coconut products (milk, flakes, butter, etc.), vegetables, and natural sweeteners (raw honey, agave, stevia, etc.).

The diet promotes amazing fat loss, athletic gains, clearer skin, and improved digestion — all the while maintaining high-energy throughout the day.

While Paleo may sound stringent at first, when you take a bite of your first bacon broccoli frittata or flourless chocolate chip cookie, you’ll be singing a different tune. Still don’t believe me? Give this pineapple-agave bacon-wrapped ham a try and you’ll see.

Click here to see the Bacon-Wrapped Ham Recipe

The wonderful gift of this dish is the flavor of the ham next to the bacon’s. While seemingly similar cuts, when placed side by side, you’ll experience the subtle variances in taste and texture.

Pair this bacon-wrapped centerpiece with unsweetened apple sauce, cauliflower mashed "potatoes," and some roasted vegetables (or if you’re up for a culinary challenge, Paleo stuffing). With this protein and fiber-rich meal, you’ll turn your typical post-brunch slump into an energized afternoon with the family — shopping, hiking, or simply prepping for the coming week.  

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