East Harbor State Park

Campground, Beach, Harbor / Marina
1169 N Buck Rd (Lake Erie)
Lakeside Marblehead, OH 43440
(419) 734-4424


  • Walk the entire beach...beautiful!
  • Watch out for bored rangers. They will write u up for fun
  • Great campground!
  • Wonderful swimming beach, clear water. There were signs about what to look for in case blue green algae came near shore but there was none.
  • Best campground I have been to by far!
  • Nothing like folding pants outdoors
  • Nice state park. Lots of natural space, not much thought into designing or curating the space.
  • Clean sites and restroom. There are obviously a lot of mosquitos near the pond at night.
  • Great state park! Always maintained and well kept. Great place to camp!
  • Great place to go camping!
  • Great campground. Launching area isn't so great, too much seagrass.
  • Shower earlier in the day instead of 10pm. The womens shower house in C loop has only cold water after10p
  • Not much for privacy. Sites are packed in pretty tight. Beautiful place though!
  • Great Tofts ice cream at the campstore. Best beach on the North Shore
  • Awesome site.
  • Wet lands trail, lake at sunset.
  • Keep your drinks wet and your wood dry!
  • Nice disc golf course, and plenty of nice trails to hike. Great family fun!

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East Harbor State Park
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