Dutch Windmill

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  • Golden Gate Park is a tourist 'No Shit Sherlock' destination. But the Dutch windmill is where you want to end up. Some great picture spots at the Tulip Gardens and across the highway from Ocean Beach
  • In 1921, Velma Tilden rode the rotating blades of the Dutch Windmill for 25 turns as a publicity stunt. http://oceanbeachbulletin.com/2011/02/08/before-now-riding-golden-gate-parks-dutch-windmill/
  • The second windmill is finally finished! Check it out
  • it has a deep history :) love this place! with so many techology these days, it's nice to see a piece like this
  • I didn't know there was a windmill in SF, either.
  • Better than the Dutch Oven.
  • Prachtige windmolen! Moou achter de duinen, stukje Nederland in Californi