The Drunken Fry

$ $
5100 N Classen Cir. (at NW 51st St.)
Oklahoma City, OK 73118
(405) 286-1939



  • Eat, Drink, and be horny.
  • For fuck's sake tip the bartender!
  • Free Galaga All NIGHT LONG!
  • Lots of great beers on tap and you have to get some fries!
  • gfgyhdfggvfrkjgdefy. that's how I sound right now.
  • strongbow it with a whiskey. mmmmmmmmm
  • My favorite shot is Jolie's truffle shuffle
  • If you see a fat guy standing up at the bar playing on his phone you've seen the douche
  • get CJ in the dumb zone. mama bear.
  • $5 beer and shot
  • PBR and a Shot for five bucks every day!
  • If you see a short Filipino Asian girl, buy her shot.
  • Drink beer, gedt fried. Or fsck off.
  • Somebody spelled it Claussen! Awesome....Ol' FryLo struck again!
  • Monday's special: trashcan punch with a PBR for $3
  • sttttttttrongbow and chjack danny boy.
  • Don't be stupid. Kiss CJ.
  • Good selection, nice bar staff however I wish they would accept the category of speakeasy to the list. Given the history of that building.
  • Great barstaff, beer selection, and the frites!
  • know what you wanna order, before you start screaming for the bartender to take your order....duh

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