Egan's Irish Whiskey and Fire Dept. Coffee: A Partnership Made in Coffee Heaven

Fire Department Coffee
Rockford, IL-based coffee company partners with Egan's Irish Whiskey to bring you only the highest quality in taste and...

Rockford, IL-based coffee company partners with Egan's Irish Whiskey to bring you only the highest quality in taste and caffeine

ROCKFORD, Nov. 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Luke Schneider, Founder and CEO of Rockford-based Fire Dept. Coffee today announces an official partnership with Egan's Irish Whiskey, adding to the Spirit-Infused Coffee line, which allows Fire Dept. Coffee to bring light to the brand and type of whiskey that the coffee company uses in their whiskey-infused coffee.

Fire Dept. Coffee currently produces four "Spirit-Infused" coffees, all available in 14 oz ground and whole bean bags. The Rockford-based coffee company uses a proprietary infusion process, which has never been done before. Unlike cask barrel-aged coffee, which can have a powerful and harsh flavor from the charred wood inside the barrel, this proprietary process keeps flavors rich, intact and delicious.

So, the public has been curious and now, Fire Dept. Coffee can finally divulge. They use Egan's Vintage Grain Irish Whiskey to make only the best tasting spirit-infused coffee money can buy. Egan's Vintage Grain is aged in bourbon casks with a dash of vanilla and hints of caramel, giving this single grain whiskey a deliciously complex and smooth taste.

Mr. Schneider said of the partnership: "We're proud to partner with Egan's in order to provide our customers with a better-tasting coffee made with only the highest-quality and smooth finish of Egan's Irish Whiskey."

Also available for comment was Jonathan Egan of Egan's Irish Whiskey: "Egan's Whiskey is an Irish, innovative and artisanal whiskey brand with 6 generations of Egan family involvement and 150 years of heritage. We at Egan's are very excited about our upcoming partnership with Fire Dept. Coffee, whose values of family-first, hard work and innovation are very in line with our own."

Egan's Irish Whiskey-Infused Fire Dept. Coffee is available online at for $19.99 and comes in 14 oz ground and whole bean bags.

About Fire Dept. Coffee:

Fire Department Coffee is owned and run by firefighters, launched in 2016 with the mission to make great coffee with an even greater mission to support our nation's heroes in need. 10% of proceeds from every order goes towards supporting ill or injured firefighters and first responders. For questions please contact Vice President, Jason Patton, at Fire Dept. Coffee can also be found on social media by following @firedeptcoffee on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


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