The 9 Best Drinks For Detoxing

The 9 Best Drinks for Detoxing

Detoxing is a way to "recharge, rejuvenate, and renew," says Linda Page, ND, PhD, naturopathic doctor, lecturer, and author of Detoxification. "Anybody can benefit from a cleansing." Some studies suggest that "detoxing" is a myth, but everyone agrees that drinking a lot of liquids is good for your health, and drinking plenty of plain water and fruit and vegetable juices will aid your digestion and have other good effects on your body — and if these things do help to detoxify you, so much the better.


Water is the most natural way to "detox" because it promotes good digestion by dissolving toxins and waste particles in the body and flushing them out through the digestive tract.

Lemon Water

While water alone is good, squeezing a bit of lemon juice into your glass will speed up the detoxification process. Lemons contain a large concentration of an antioxidant called d-limonene, which helps breaks down toxic substances in the liver. They also contain lots of citric acid, which is known to improve absorption of a toxin-fighting molecule called aluminum hydroxide, the active ingredient in most antacids.

Lime Juice

Flavonoids found in lime's fragrant oils cause the mouth to water, activating digestive saliva before you even taste the lime. Like lemons, limes contain citric acid, which helps absorb aluminum hydroxide. They are also made up of eight kinds of liminoids, which are compounds that help stimulate an enzyme in the liver believed to deactivate cancer-causing toxins.

Green Tea

Green tea contains polyphenols, which are antioxidants that rid the body of free radicals that can modify, damage, and kill cells, potentially leading to cancer and other diseases.

Orange Juice

Given its high levels of vitamins and minerals, orange juice is a great nutritional source as well as a "detox" drink. The beta-carotene in orange juice can help prevent cell damage within the body.

Beet Juice

Many doctors argue that beet juice should be on the list of superfoods. It's a great source of vitamins and minerals and contains detoxifying antioxidants that cleanse the body.

Fruit Smoothie

You can't go wrong with a fruit smoothie. Fruits are high in fiber, vitamins and minerals, and antioxidants, making them an ideal detoxifier.

Vegetable Smoothie

There's no limit to what vegetables can do for the body. They are packed with vitamins and nutrients that promote good overall health.

Green Juice

Doctors agree that kale, broccoli, and spinach are some of the healthiest green vegetables to make green juice with.