Digiplex Bloomfield 8

Movie Theater, Cineplex, Indie Movies
863 Park Ave
Bloomfield, CT 06002
(860) 286-7900


  • The mayor is always in the house shaking babys and kissing hands.
  • Too many low intelligence Democrats frequent this establishment. They ruin small business complaining about things that dont matter. Wish right to remain silent as enforced by police.
  • Most people cant tell the difference between hot vs fresh popcorn. This theater makes their popcorn fresh every single day. Other theaters in the area only reheat previously popped corn.
  • Not a cleanly theatre, was completely turned off. Will not return.
  • Probably the only place in CT where most of the Telugu (Indian language) movies are released
  • Lew is the best ticket seller ever!! :D
  • Best place if you are looking for the latest south indian and hindi movies. Also has latest western too.
  • The chairs are wicked nice. Better than we remember. Very comfy.
  • The men's room smells like Fruit Loops.

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