Dealey Plaza

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  • On his visit to Dallas on November 22, 1963, President John F. Kennedy rode in a motorcade through Dealey Plaza. Suddenly shots were fired, killing JFK. Lee Harvey Oswald fired the shots from here.
  • If you look on Elm, just to the west of the School Book Depository, you will see two 'X's painted on the pavement. These are where the two gunshots (if you believe the two shot theory) hit.
  • Beware the homeless "tour" guides
  • "In the final analysis, our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this small planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our childrens future, and we are all mortal" JFK 1963
  • Get into a conspiracy debate with a stranger at Dealey Plaza.
  • Welcome to Dealey Plaza! This site will forever be remembered for the tragic events of Nov. 22 1963. Take a walk around and be sure to take photographs of the spots marked by an 'X' in the road.
  • Absolutely worth a visit. The audio tour is well-done.
  • Kennedy was killed by the CIA.
  • Stand here, look at the top right window of the Texas School Book Depository building (Oswald's shooting location) and look at Elm street - down about 100 feet from Houston Street - where JFK was shot
  • History buffs must stop...
  • If you visit the 6th Floor Museum be advised that concealed carry is FORBIDDEN. Leave it in the car or you are gonna take the "walk of shame" back. :-) JFK Trolley Tour is WELL worth the money.
  • It's amazing how much this corner still looks like it did back in 1963. You definitely feel something when you get there and realize a president was assassinated there. A sobering place to visit.
  • Beware the constant, bothersome hucksters....
  • Great tour the center of dallas, and route of JFK!!
  • Look for the X on the street that marks the spot....
  • Take photo of famous spot.
  • I get to look out the window of our office at this historical site. I see so many people coming from across the world to view, remember and more importantly, work out their conspiracy theories!
  • A great leader fell here. Pay your respects. Not much else to do in this area.
  • A great place to come and reflect on what you have seen in the nearby museums, I would suggest you do the Sixth floor first though.
  • Spend some time trying to figure out how the whole thing was possible as it is alleged to have happened. Look at the window, the X, and the grassy knoll. The evidence is there.