Curbside Cafe

Food Truck, Burritos, Vegetarian / Vegan
Baltimore, MD


  • Voted 3rd Best Food Truck by City Paper Readers for Best of Baltimore 2011
  • The five dollar "Plantain Delight" special is the most original thing you'll ever get from a food truck.
  • The spicy chicken burrito with all the toppings was AMAZING!
  • The sides are amazing- don't overlook them!
  • Don't forget to add sauce to your burrito before you leave the scene.
  • The Chana Masala burrito is sublime, but be sure not to miss out on the FREE CUCUMBER WATER!
  • Sadly, this food truck has retired for good.
  • Get the chana mixed with the spicy chicken. It's wonderful!
  • Free burrito for the mayor?? Great idea I think ;)