Cupcake Chic

$ $
727 E 1000 S
Orem, UT 84097


  • The frosting on the cupcakes is delish. And the sugar cookie with strawberry frosting is AMAZING!
  • This place is full of yummy... Instead of buying my friends boring old birthday cakes, I get them an assortment of fun cupcakes! They LOVE it!!!
  • The s'mores cupcake is one of the best I've ever had. I highly recommend it!
  • WARNING: Friggin' expensive for one lousy (yet delicious) cupcake. The atmosphere is really quite charming though.
  • At Cupcake Chic eating a German chocolate cupcake. yum!
  • Jill is RIGHT!!! It's like eating an island paradise!!
  • All the cupcakes are amazing, but the coconut creme ones are pretty effing double amazing.