Corniche (الكورنيش)

Al Corniche St. (Corniche | شارع الكورنيش)
الدوحة, الدوحة


  • Whether its in the evening after a long day or in the afternoon after Jummah/Friday prayers... This place is perfect to unwind over the view & a sip of karak.
  • Nice little enclaves around the walkway where you can sit close to the water and contemplate the meaning of life.... <3
  • A 7-kilometre boulevard lining the horseshoe of the Doha Bay, offering a wide path for walking and biking, multiple parks and picnic spots, opportunities for a dhow ride, and beautiful scenery.
  • If you want just to relax yet keep fit walk from MIA to Sherraton and enjoy the weather
  • 10pm: Join the locals for a stroll along the Corniche. A late-evening promenade is the best time to walk, when the heat is bearable and there are soft breezes from the water.
  • Visit during night time! So romantic!
  • Strolling the breeze-cooled corniche in the evening is a great way to savour Dohas bay views. But if you want a truly authentic experience take a traditional boat ride on a dhow from 7km Promenade.
  • Great place for an evening stroll - contrast between the sea and the skyscrapers makes a great photo.
  • Very Relaxing...
  • best to soend time with family duringg sunset and best view of the sea. There are also free sports outdoor equipment which is best place to workout as well.
  • Best place to unwind when you feel stress
  • @_@!
  • Friday morning jogging
  • "After a good breakfast take a walk along Doha Corniche. It's a seven kilometre palm-fringed promenade which extends in a horseshoe shape around Doha Bay and the city's sea-front."
  • Nice place
  • Chillaxing... What a place to be on a Saturday evening.... Loving it....
  • Scenic view, fresh air. Relax and enjoy the view of West Bay
  • Just Enjoy Here with your lovings.....and try to go on boat.... It would be awesome ride for you....

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