Copley Square

Boylston St (at Dartmouth St)
Boston, MA 02130


  • Tortoise and Hare statue. Tribute to runners of Boston Marathon which ends near here. Created by Nancy Schon who also did Make Way for Ducklings statues. More via our blog
  • do not give the girl on crutches "trying to take the train" any money!!!!
  • Originally created by Huntington Ave intersecting 2 smaller spaces & called Art Square. Renamed 1883 in honor of 18th century painter John Singleton Copley (see park statue). More info in blog.<LINK>
  • Copley is back to being full of the hustle and bustle and vitality it once knew! Please support the local businesses on boylston and the surrounding area!
  • There are often news reporters filming pieces on the Library side of the Square. Try to stand in the background of their shot.
  • Best place in Boston to jaywalk!
  • Check out the creepy statue of Bishop Philip Brooks by the sculptor Saint-Gaudens here; he is most famous for the Robert Gould Shaw Memorial on the Boston Common.
  • Look for the Kickass Cupcakes truck on the left of the BPL every Friday!
  • The homeless love this park. It's also a great place to find pan-handlers.
  • Memorial at Copley Sq. Boston MA
  • I love the diverse people you meet and all the little stores and cafes...
  • There is a crazy homeless lady that shouts abuse at people. Fun to watch.
  • Awesome celebration at Copley Square for the RedSox rolling rally!
  • great boston:)
  • Farmers Market on Tuesday and Friday, from June through November!
  • A perfectly clear day backdrop for a beautiful makeshift memorial.
  • Check out the turtle and hare statues in the middle of the park! Also the Boston public library is just a stones throw away and has a beautiful courtyard.
  • Great people watching. Grab a bite at one of the food trucks
  • "It was in my heart to help a little because I was helped much." - Khalil Gibran. Engraving on monument
  • Avoid the mass of tourists and cityyear kids in the morning

Nearby places

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