The Foolproof Guide to Cooking Eggs — Scrambled, Fried, Hard-Boiled, and More

You can never eat enough eggs

Deviled eggs are devily delicious.

There are three particular pantry staples that you know you’ll always have on hand: milk, bread, and eggs. These simple ingredients are staples in so many dishes and necessary for every kitchen, and thus, they often get overlooked. But, the humble egg is so versatile, so packed with protein, and so delicious on its own that it really can be the star of any meal.

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To embrace this common ingredient and help you use all of those leftover Easter eggs, we reached out to our Culinary Content Network of food bloggers to see what recipes would be in their guide to cooking eggs.

Like a carton of eggs, we have a dozen recipes here for you. From a zesty, funky deviled egg recipe to a classic French omelette to mini egg muffins you can take on the go, there’s an egg-cellent egg dish in here for every type of home cook and for every meal.