Chilean Food Products star in "Business Taste" roadshow in the West Coast

The roadshow will take place this Thursday in Los Angeles, later in October in Miami, and will finalize at the beginning...

The roadshow will take place this Thursday in Los Angeles, later in October in Miami, and will finalize at the beginning of November in Washington D.C.

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- In celebration of 15 years of the Chile-US trade agreement, Chile's Trade Promotion Bureau, ProChile, will showcase salmon, mussels, Magellan lamb, wine, among other Chilean food and beverages, all accompanied by traditional dance and music from the South American nation.

The Houdini Estate will be the venue where a dozen of American importers, that are currently trading Chilean goods, will meet with more than 50 representatives from supermarkets, specialized retail stores, hotel chains, restaurants, e-commerce portals, chefs, sommeliers, local authorities and specialized media.

The United States is the main destination of a wide variety of Chilean exports and many of these shipments arrive at ports in the West Coast. This is why ProChile picked Los Angeles as the first stop of its roadshow, making it clear that they have their eyes on the California economy.

Chile has positioned itself as the largest exporter in the world with 29 items, 19 of which are food products such as salmon fillets, frozen turkey and chicken chunks. Fruits also make up a large quantity of these products and, given that the country is located in a different Hemisphere, people in the West Coast can enjoy fresh fruits year-round, with Chile being the largest provider to the US of fresh grapes, blueberries, various citrus, apples and plums.

"Our economic relations with the US, but especially with California go way back. By 1849 Chileans were the largest foreign community in Sonora. Then with the FTA we took a huge leap. Now, 15 years after that milestone, we begin a new era of consolidation of products and also of innovation, like what we've seen recently with Chilean movies and singers", explains Nicolas Vives, Chilean Trade Commissioner to the West Coast.

Chile's export leadership has reached its peak status thanks to the support from Chile's Trade Promotion Bureau, ProChile, and this roadshow expects to not only increase the exposure of Chilean products, but to open more markets in the US for them.

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