The Best 7-Layer Dip Recipes for Your March Madness Bash

Whip one of these delicious 7-layer dips for your March Madness game-viewing party
The Best 7-Layer Dip Recipes for Your March Madness Bash


This seven-layer dip uses hummus instead of the more common guacamole for a Mediterranean inspired twist.

We might not be college basketball experts, but we know a good excuse to throw a party when we see one. This year for March Madness, treat yourself and your friends with seven-layer dip recipes perfect for noshing on while you watch the tournament play out.

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Whether you are celebrating another win for your March Madness bracket or mourning a loss, check out these seven-layer dip recipes that include classic iterations of creamy guacamole and refried beans, as well as lightened-up versions that swap heavy sour cream with healthier Greek yogurt. If you are looking for a completely different spin on this classic, check out hummus-based layer dips that swap taco seasoning for Mediterranean spices.

No matter what dip you crave, seven-layer dips are the perfect, simple-to-make snack to keep your party guests satisfied while the game-clock ticks down. For more recipe inspiration, check out these 10 seven-layer dip recipes you have to try. Serve your dips with homemade tortilla or pita chips for a gourmet touch, and add your own spin to any of these recipes with fresh herbs, your own spice blend, or simple healthy swaps.