From Mild to Spicy: 11 Must-Have Guacamole Recipes for Your Next Party

Make your next party a hit with these guacamole recipes
Guacamole Toppings Your Guests Will Love

The Daily Meal recipe editor Emily Jacobs shows you how to take your guacamole to the next level with great toppings suggestions

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How do you like your guacamole, mild or spicy?

It is no secret that serving guacamole at a party guarantees happy guests.  According to Mother Nature Network, during the 2012 Super Bowl XLVI alone, 12 million pounds of avocados were used to make guacamole. The odds of a guest not over-indulging in this is delicious party staple is slim to none. To help you pull off the perfect party dish, we’re sharing a few guacamole recipes that take this dip beyond mashed avocados and hints of lime.  From mild and fruity to spicy and savory, one of these delicious guacamole recipes are sure to fit the bill for your next gathering.

From Mild to Spicy: 11 Must-Have Guacamole Recipes for Your Next Party

Today with the help of innovative chefs and crafty home-cooks ingredients such as shrimp, bacon (which is highly favored by many), jalapeño, and mango are elevating this dish for any occasion.

The best thing about guacamole is that is a simple dish that allows you to add a little bit of “this or that” to make it your own. Don’t be afraid to add more or subtract less of any ingredient to please your palate.

If you’re a beginner at this iconic party staple, I’d suggest starting with our Easy Guacamole recipe. It’s perfect for someone learning the basics. Once you feel confident in your guacamole skills, I’d suggest trying the Holy Guacamole recipe — it adds a smoky and sweet taste to this flavorful dish.

If neither of those recipes intrigues you, don’t worry, we have nine other recipes that are perfect to serve as well.

Blue Cheese Guacamole

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This is a cobb salad lovers favorite gucamole.

Blue cheese and avocado make a truly delicious union that, as any fan of the Cobb salad understands, is not as odd as it sounds. I typically use the best stuff I can find at the cheese counter, such as Roquefort, Cabrales, or Danish Blue, but even the already crumbled blue cheese you find in a good grocery store will be delicious. — Roberto Santibañez

Click here for Blue Cheese Guacamole recipe.

Chipotle Guacamole

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Chipotle's guacamole is favored by many.

Ever had to second guess whether to pay extra for guacamole at Chipotle? Well, guess no more — popular chain restaurant has released their secret guacamole recipe, and it would be perfect for any Mexican fiesta.

Click here for Chipotle Guacamole recipe.