The 30 Best Thanksgiving Pie Recipes for 2017

Ravi Bangaroo

The 30 Best Thanksgiving Pie Recipes for 2017

Thanksgiving dinner won’t be complete without at least one of these pies on your dessert table

No Turkey Day dinner is complete without a Thanksgiving pie, which is why we rounded up 30 of the best pie recipes for the perfect sweet ending to your holiday feast. While the traditional pumpkin pie is a welcome sight, we have rounded out your traditional autumn pies, like pecan, apple, and pumpkin, with less typical, but no less delicious, options like chocolate, shoofly, and salted honey pies — guaranteed to send your guests back for seconds.

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Don’t get lost in pie-making lingo, like lattice crust, single crusts, par-baked shells, and the like. Instead, check out our simple pie-making guide that will prepare you for success as you choose which of these 30 Thanksgiving pie recipes you want to bake this year. We've broken it down for you into 5 categories: Cream pies, easy pies, fruit pies, pecan pies and of course, pumpkin pies.

Figure out the kind of crust you want for your pie. Simple, flaky butter crusts are ideal for apple, pumpkin, and other fruit pies. When making flaky crusts, be careful not to overwork the dough or your crust will turn out tough.

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Once you’ve mastered your crust method, choose one of these 30 best Thanksgiving pie recipes and get ready to impress your guests!