25 Rice Dishes That Will Make You Forget Potatoes

25 Rice Dishes That Will Make You Forget Potatoes

Put down that spud and pick up a bag of rice instead

Potatoes are great; they’re starchy, full of nutrients and minerals, and absolutely delicious. But rice is also a fantastic, healthy, delicious, and gluten-free option to serve at meal times!

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There are so many options to choose from and cook: long grain, short grain, wild, brown, forbidden, glutinous, the list goes on. Each kind of rice has something to offer. Some cook to be fluffy; others become gorgeously glutinous and sticky; still others cook and come together to form a lovely, creamy, velvety texture, luscious and starchy.

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Creamy risotto, rice bowls, paella — there are so many recipes to choose from when looking for a rice dish to cook. This collection of mouthwatering recipes has something to suit everyone’s cooking needs. Whether you need something simple that comes together quickly or a show stopping dish to make for dinner parties, whether you want a hearty meat dish or a satisfying vegetarian option, we have something for you! Click on and discover a delectable array or recipes that make the most of a bowl of rice!