Continuing Education—Keeping the Fire Alive

From by Institute of Culinary Education
Continuing Education—Keeping the Fire Alive


By Jenny McCoy—Co-Chair, Center for Advanced Pastry Studies


Working your way up the professional ladder in the kitchen is a wonderful experience, filled with constant exposure to new cooking techniques, methods of organizational management and learning how to work with a team to execute the day’s work. It’s the type of work that never gets old, at least not for me.

Life as a Culinary Student - Graduation - Preparation

Once I reached the top of the kitchen hierarchy, I noticed an enormous shift in my focus. While I enjoyed the creative freedom of creating new dishes for the menu and I thoroughly enjoyed teaching my staff new ways to hone their skills, I found my learning curve dropped dramatically. No longer did I have a chef to teach me—I needed to be the chef that taught everyone else. In short, the excitement of my daily work reduced—a lot—and I had to find a way to rekindle the fire.


Read on to learn how continuing education furthered Jenny's career.