Conshohocken Merchants Provide Unique Black Friday Shopping Experience

Conshohocken Merchants Provide Unique Black Friday Shopping Experience

By Brad Segall

CONSHOHOCKEN, Pa. (CBS) – If you want to do some Black Friday shopping today, but don’t want the hassles of going to a large mall there’s a unique experience waiting for you in Conshohocken, Montgomery County.

Instead of competing with each other for customers, about a dozen businesses are coming together for four hours to create a holiday bazaar. It’s being hosted by the owners of Southern Cross Kitchen restaurant who are clearing out the tables and chairs to give the public a chance to get to know some of the diverse small businesses located in town.

“Conshohocken is so on fire right now…with real estate, new apartments coming in, new buildings coming in and we want to support each other,” restaurant co-owner Kim Strengari explains. “We want you to come to town and be able to buy here, eat here, drink here — just doing everything right here in our little town.”

Strengari says why fight the crowds at the malls?

“You’re just going to look for parking, you’re going to get aggravated, you’re going to be supporting big giant companies and this is our time to support local companies that go out there and work everyday super hard.”

She says the merchants sell clothing, jewelry, handbags and even food, and gives them a chance to showcase their products in one place.

The shopping experience runs from 11a.m. to 3p.m.

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