Movie Theater, Cineplex
3305 Cinema Pt (at N. Powers Blvd.)
Colorado Springs, CO 80922
(719) 596-2173


  • Nicest theater I've ever been to. So pretty. Right out of a magazine
  • Sign up at the Cinemark website to get weekly coupons worth something "free"
  • Try the chili cheese fries. Best movie meal.
  • Military ticket prices start after 6pm. =]
  • They sell Kettle Corn now!!
  • The best seat in town.
  • Shell out the cash for imax 3D. It's epic beyond proportion
  • If you plan to see more than 3 movies by the end of the year..Buy the plastic cup..cheaper in the long run
  • Comfy seats Ive got bad back problems & couldnt go to see a movie for years. Im happily going to see movies again at this amazing theatre. Staff are great as is preselecting your seats!! Love it
  • the IMAX was terrific
  • Get the nachos, literally every chip gets cheese on it! Rare for movie nachos!
  • Tuesday is discount day! Love the mid morning or early afternoon matinee. Not busy, plenty of seats and no one is screaming. Best time to go and you get a discount on tickets!
  • The only IMAX in town, with a GREAT staff and awesome events.
  • Tuesdays are discount day! Tickets are $6.75 all day.
  • Going to watch inside out. Only I think I going up north from now on the other place give you refills on pop and popcorn.
  • Only I think I going up north at the chapel Hills mallfrom now on the other place give you refills on pop and popcorn.
  • Great place for watching movies.
  • Get there early for IMAX
  • ) , .. -(
  • Buy the refillable popcorn bucket and drink cup. It's like $6-7 for each then refills are only $3each for both. It's enough for two people when you watch movies.

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