Cinemark 18

Row 1

6081 Center Dr (at Howard Hughes & Sepulveda)
Los Angeles, CA 90045
(310) 568-3375

Foursquare Tips

  • It is always a nice surprise to find that a theater has leathery seats and juicy burgers, and not the reverse.
  • This is my usual seat Row J 15 or 16 , the best viewing experience for IMAX
  • We catch all of the 3D movies here in IMAX!
  • Catch a movie with roommates
  • It's only $7 all day on Tuesdays
  • There's a secret, unadvertised bar upstairs. Arrive early and enjoy a drink before the show.
  • Seats H17 to H20 are the best seats in the IMAX theater.
  • Dont forget about the bar in the second floor lobby if you need to kill time.
  • The best movies theater that I have ever seen!
  • Easily one of the worst 'high end' theatres in the city. Bad service, people talking and using cell phones during the movie, broken seats...
  • I can't believe they will only have 4 screenings of BEST MAN'S HOLIDAY 210 505 8 & 1055 in one theatre out of 18
  • Leave the ghetto in the ghetto! Thank goodness for security when people can't be adults.
  • One of only two places in LA with actual 15/70mm IMAX
  • One of the two authentic IMAX cinemas in Los Angeles. Century City's is not real.
  • IMAX seats in row J (17 thru 27) do *not* lean back. Uncomfy.
  • $7 Movie Tuesday. It's worth it. Nice theatre!
  • $7 Movie Tuesdays! You can't go wrong?
  • Too many annoying kids at this theater!
  • Catch the last show if u hate parking fees like me lol
  • Definitely love the 109 different soda flavor options. And make sure you get the right sized 3D glasses for your head. It makes a difference!