Cinemagic Theater

Movie Theater, Cineplex
1226 Hooksett Rd (at Mammoth Rd)
Hooksett, NH 03106
(603) 644-4629


  • For 3D movies the best place we have found to sit is 3/4 of the way back in the center. Get to the theater early and go to get your snacks after claiming your seats.
  • Favorite place to see a movie. Great seating, clean theater, digital everything. Worth the trip.
  • all day movies are cheaper, senior discounts, you can always buy tickets at the customer service desk- there are machines in front that you can use as long as you have a credit card or gift card
  • Make sure you go on to to look up times because more often then not other websites list the times wrong.
  • Check at the customer service desk if the line is long, they sometimes sell tickets there to help keep the wait time down.
  • Always packed so get there at a decent time to get tickets.
  • Comfortable seats... one of the best theaters around...
  • If you're here for an IMAX/3D movie grab your glasses and go to the door on the right- not left with everyone else. You have a better chance getting to the middle using the opposite staircase.
  • Basically the best movie theater in the area. Comfortable seats and reasonably priced. They also have an IMAX Cinema. Cinemagic also recently launched a loyalty program.
  • Seats are awesome. 3D movies are spectacular.
  • Nice IMAX theater. My friends work here and seem to love it. Young and friendly staff.
  • Great theater. Love the stadium seating.
  • They collect the 3D glasses in an old well used laundry basket.
  • It's a very nice theater with big comfy chairs but run by 14 yr olds. Took forever to figure out which movie to let in and in which order. You had to leave theater for concessions, popcorn was burnt.
  • Comfy seats, nice theater
  • The popcorn here smells and tastes disgusting...
  • Small theaters. They will not allow large bags and claim it's Homeland Security, but it's not. Also, huge bug on screen for whole movie. Glad I didn't buy snacks!!!!!
  • Be careful when watching 3-D movies in a packed theater (remember Avatar?) may get puked on by people with weak stomachs.
  • Go on sat or sun morning and save a few bucks

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