Charles W. Cullen Bridge

Bridge, Surf Spot
Delaware Route 1 (at Indian River Inlet)
Bethany Beach, DE 19930


  • Also, the new bridge will have a 12foot wide sidewalk on the east side that will accommodate pedestrians and bicyclists. It's expected to be completed in late 2011 and have a 100 year service life.
  • Looks beautiful at night with the eerie blue lights.
  • Amazing at night!
  • Very nice! thank you so much david wells and your crew.
  • A super awesome new kind of suspension bridge By The Way. Who is Charles Cullen?
  • View--night and day
  • Beautiful bridge, both at night and at morning. At night you can see the lights in the sky from miles away! Beautiful view from the bridge overlooking the bay
  • Stunning!!!!!
  • Pay attention while tote driving on the bridge or you'll get into a car accident!
  • So beautiful.
  • Beautiful view of the beach as we head north!
  • Talk about nice, way better than the old one. Plus it's taller which means better views!

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