Century Theatre

Movie Theater, Cineplex
925 Blossom Hill Rd Ste 2000 (btwn Santa Teresa & Winfield Blvd)
San Jose, CA 95123
(408) 225-7340


  • Don't waste time looking for parking in the lot out in front of the theater. Just head to the parking garage you'll save time.
  • 3D is ridiculous! An extra $3 to see a movie?! Rip off. Screw 3D
  • I wanna watch!!!.. and you cheating again!.. lol
  • Snacks suck here avoid at all cost
  • If you ordered your tickets on fandango, go straight upstairs to pick up. You do not need to wait at the box office line. Could be a major time saver!
  • Didn't sleep last night so I was pretty tired but it was still awesome!!
  • Despicable Me 2 is one of the funniest & cutest movies I've seen in a long time. Must watch for EVERYONE!
  • good theater always buy my tix on my phone tho! but it's nice to shop around a little before a movie or after ..or both!
  • You can get a kid's pack (popcorn, soda, and candy) for $5!
  • Come to the pre-10am shows if possible. The unwashed masses are no where to be seen!!!
  • Park in the Target structure. It's not too far and you'll have time roaming.
  • New comfortable seats in theaters
  • The Dark Knight Rises!
  • Best movie theater in the South Bay. Don't forget to visit the concession stand!
  • Save $$, buy your snacks and drinks at Target beforehand!!
  • The snacks are a little pricey but what theater isn't and they aren't as bad as the other tips say they are. Park in the back and walk through the mall. Very clean and nice staff
  • The new nightmare on elmstreet starts off slightly lame and has a decent ending.
  • going to the movies at a mall is a bad idea.... avoid it if possible.
  • This theater had recliner heated seats! I'm from Indiana so I've not seen this before.
  • Instead of asking for lots of butter you can ask for tons.

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