Movie Theater, Cineplex
9630 Monroe Rd
Charlotte, NC 28270
(704) 847-2031


  • Awesome seats, you can recline in them! Renovations to this place is really good!
  • The theater is updating and has laz e boy chairs in there. Prices are good. They have student pricing which is great. In fall theyre getting gourmet food and beer. Love this theater!
  • The renovations are amazing. Best seats in NC - and though I can't speak for all the rooms, in 2 visits, it is obvious that the screens and sound system have been updated. Great experience
  • Been coming frequently since July since they upgraded with the new seating. Loving the wine and beer. Glad to see that the theaters are still in top condition. Keep it up
  • The VIP seating is AMAZING!!! They even serve beer! ThIs has OFFICIALLY become my favorite movie theater in Charlotte!!!
  • Free movies in the lounge throughout the summer; Thursday nights at 8.
  • FAVORITE. THEATER. PERIOD! Couches, food, beer, and price. But the ticket online for the extra dollar and skip the line.
  • They have a full menu, recliner leather seats, and its no more expensive than a regular movie theater!
  • Hands down the best cinema in Charlotte. All the other theaters that serve food in Charlotte are complete embarrassments next to this place. Love it.
  • Employees are unenthused, bathrooms are scary gross, the movie going experience is usually ruined by children in rated R movies laughing and talking. They do play special films like RHPS!
  • Great seats
  • $5 on Tuesdays, you're welcome
  • Com and visit. Discount Tuesdays.
  • The prices for the movie and the candy was decent. Love that you buy your seat, so when you go in it's like finding your seat on an airplane. You find the row, then your seat number. Will go again.
  • I love this place! Super low key, great beers on tap and the food is pretty good too! Their couches and recliners are awesome.
  • There's no reason to see a movie anywhere else.
  • Good beer, great reclining plush seats, good atmosphere!!
  • Comfy seats!!
  • Great seating and food!
  • Nachos, cheer wine squeeze, chicken fingers, angry orchard

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