Cap’n Crunch Fried Chicken Nuggets

Chef Brian Reyelt of Franklin Cafe Southie creates a dish worth waking up early for on the weekend

Cap’n Crunch fried chicken nuggets with buttermilk dipping sauce.

When Chef and co-owner, Brian Reyelt created a brunch item for Franklin Cafe Southie, his smooth Franklin outpost in South Boston, it set locals buzzing. A little more than a year later, the Cap’n Crunch Fried Chicken Nuggets are still on the brunch menu, and they're still a dish worth waking up early to eat.

Seeking inspiration, Chef Reyelt was thinking about cornflake-crusted dishes and “just took it in another direction.” After all, he added, it “makes you feel like a kid again. I mean, I grew up on Cap’n Crunch.”

You can taste the sweet hint of the cereal and the small ramekin of buttermilk dipping sauce is an obvious homage to leftover cereal milk, but what’s so remarkable is the lightness of the panko dust-like coating, its visual appeal (beautiful yellows and browns) and the moisture of the chicken.