Camel's Back Park

Park, Playground, Historic Site
1300 Heron St. (N. 13th St.)
Boise, ID 83702


  • Hike to the top!
  • One does not simply get to the top of the hill with life left in their legs.
  • On the back side of the hump are some great little ponds, and more trails-so many trails!
  • Please pickup your dog poop
  • For more information about Boise's favorite park checkout the website link below. Camels Back is within walking distance to Hyde Park and site of the annual Hyde Park Street Fair in September and gre
  • Climb the steep hill. Do not roll down.
  • Voted by Boise Weekly readers as Best of Boise 2011.
  • For more about Camels Back Park, the Hyde Park Street Fair and more visit
  • Watch out for dog poo..... It's EVERYWHERE!!
  • Try going down the main hill on a bmx.
  • Voted by Boise Weekly readers as the Best of Boise 2010.
  • View of the city skyline
  • The "Dog Pond" behind the hill is cool and a great place to catch tadpoles. Farther down the trail is a nice little creek. There's frogs and water skippers in it and it's great to picnic by.
  • Viewing a sunset from the top is well worth the steep climb
  • Favorite sunset spot in Boise
  • Nice panoramic view of Boise from the top.
  • Parking on the backside of the park on 8th St., there are lots of family friendly trails.
  • Fun place to go hang out with family and friends. Always a party in the good weather.
  • If you want to run, it's best to go early otherwise it gets very busy after 7am.

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