Calf Pasture Beach

Calf Pasture Beach Rd
Norwalk, CT 06855


  • Why yes, we are judging you if you go swimming in Long island sound.
  • This "beach" is so UGLY!! Nothing like the beaches in California..its dirty, small, and there are no waves! YUCK!
  • Such a great beach. Really beautiful. A little rocky but you'll get over that quickly when you're laying in the hot sun.
  • A peaceful place to smoke some pot.
  • Really nice beach; very expensive parking if you're not a Norwalk resident.
  • Perfect picnic place. Well maintained beach and the board walk is stunning.
  • Great place for a walk or run
  • It's BEAUTIFUL here and the crab cake sandwich was YUMMY..
  • Great place to relax on a hot summer day with friends.
  • Go during high tide
  • Love that there are so many polite walkers & summertime is the best with all they do geared for the families!!!
  • July 3rd: Fireworks!
  • Nice calm beach. Has a restaurant. The parking is expensive ($35).
  • Overcrowded and their tends to be a ton of snails in the sand.
  • Very nice & peaceful on a quiet evening
  • Just paid $20 to get onto the property. Not sure if that's normal for Connecticut state parks or if I was just bamboozled.
  • The beach got se interesting upgrades including palm trees! (huh??)
  • Over 30mph winds ... Irene u sissy.
  • Be careful when you feed the ducks. They are a FIERCE FLOCK , they will Sally forth, next thing it's Peking 'YOU' instead of them!!! ;). LOL !!!!
  • Cool nightsCool nights = peaceful walks

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