Cadillac Ranch

Public Art, Sculpture, Landmark
2015 S. Dowell Rd (I-40 W, S. Frontage Rd Between Exits 60 & 62)
Amarillo, TX 79124


  • Snap some pictures of the row of Cadillacs buried nose-down in a field off of I-40 just outside of Amarillo, TX.
  • Pack out or pass along your paint cans, don't leave them!
  • Cool place to visit.. Sad how people leave their trash just laying by the cars though.. Paint cans, etc.. There's a trash container by the front gate!! Have some respect & dispose of your garbage..
  • There is a dumpster at the entrance... Please throw paint cans in it!
  • Free admission!
  • Bring your own can of spray paint.
  • If you're coming from the west, exit at Arnot Rd and stay on the access road. If you're coming from the east, exit Arnot Rd, turn left (under I40) and then left again onto the access road.
  • Don't feed Chunk.
  • Bring a can of spray paint to decorate the cars
  • Upon further investigation, we believe this exhibit is an attempt by the humans to taunt us for our accident in 1947. Sheseh. Crash one spaceship, you never hear the end of it.
  • The intention of this exhibition is not clear. Upsilon believes the humans erected it as an example of how not to park.
  • Bring a paint spray can!
  • Don't litter! This place was covered with garbage. Show some respect for Texas.
  • Smoke your weed here.
  • Please take your trash, paint cans to the dumpster on the road!
  • Very windy!
  • Bring spray paint :)
  • Free to see and spray paint these cars. If you forgotten your paint, you maybe lucky to find full cans of paint on the ground but be sure to clean them up and keep Texas tidy.
  • Pick up some litter on your way back. Evidently spray painters are incapable of cleaning up after themselves.
  • A great free stop along I-40 just west of Amarillo, this series of half-buried Caddies is a must for a quick photo-op. Free and fun, spray-paint one of the cars!

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