Burger King Targets Meatatarians

Burger King Targets Meatatarians
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Burger King has identified a new demographic: Meatatarians. In New Zealand the chain has introduced a three-item Meatarian Range (Menu) LTO that piles on the proteins. Two combine beef patties with a fried chicken patty; the third goes chicken plus bacon. The burgers:

The Full Meaty Burger: two flame grilled beef patties, a crispy chicken patty, six bacon strips, two cheese slices, BBQ sauce and onion.

The Half Meaty Burger: one flame grilled beef patty, a crispy chicken patty, six bacon strips, one cheese slice, BBQ sauce and onion.

The Chicken Bacon Meaty Burger: two crispy chicken patties, 6 bacon strips, 2 cheese slices, and BBQ sauce and onion. It’s part of the Meatatarian Range, available for a limited time.

BK NZ Meatatarian***************

It was just Monday when I wrote about Shake Shack’s success with limited-time specials, both national and local. And now there’s a new one-market example.

To celebrate the opening of its 100th location, in Boston Seaport, Shake Shack partnered with Boston chefs Jamie Bissonnette and Ken Oringer (chefs/owners of Coppa, Toro and Little Donkey) to create a special burger. The Coppa Burger is named for the duo’s Italian restaurant in Boston’s South End. Price at $6.89, the Coppa Burger is 100% all-natural Angus beef topped with provolone cheese, griddled mortadella, cherry peppers, caramelized onions, mayo and shredded lettuce. It will be offered in Shake Shack’s five Massachusetts locations through Aug.21, 2016.


The Southwest Crispy Chicken is back at Culver’s. One of a three-item menu of top-tier chicken sandwiches that it first tested in 2014 (the others were the Crispy Buffalo Chicken Sandwich and the Blackened Grilled Chicken Sandwich) and that were its first use of ciabatta rolls.

The build is an all-natural crispy chicken filet topped with habanero pepper-Jack cheese with tomato, lettuce and creamy jalapeno ranch.

Culvers Crispy SW Chicken***************

Another chain celebrating the opening of its 100th store is Dallas -based Mooyah Burgers, Fries & Shakes. To mark the occasion, on Aug. 29, 2016,  Mooyah is giving the first 100 customers at each of its 100 locations free fries for a year. Get in line.

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