Burger King

Row 1

1820 E Carson St (btw 18th & 19th)
Pittsburgh, PA 15203
(412) 481-6616

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Foursquare Tips

  • run... don't eat here. this place is a hell hole
  • Dirty, sketchy, skeevy & horrible service. Avoid!
  • Ever wonder what the movie 'Waiting' would be like if directed by Tyler Perry? Eat here!
  • Food is food. Tastes like every other burger king. Just fine
  • These people are fucking idiots.
  • Last time I ate here two customers started arguing and one pulled a knife! I'm not joking.
  • They are fucking terrible.......
  • This place is terrible, dirty and the fries aren't BK fries!!!
  • Not one thing fast about this place despite a ton of people working. The curious can people watch the customs but I advise avoid this BK like the plague!
  • I hate going through the drive thru because I almost run everybody over every time I leave.
  • The reason we lock the bathrooms is because people are stupid enough to go in there and tear them up..do drugs etc..so yeah there is drama over it but for a good reason.
  • Try the Bacon Cheddar ranch..its amazing.
  • A pit of hell. Be sure to watch the constant drama over unlocking the bathrooms! Count how many times someone yells for a manager!
  • Order a small batch of mac and cheese friers, and end up getting over twenty pieces when you should only get ten.
  • Much cleaner than it's ever been. Hope it stays that way. Food was good & made correctly the first time.
  • Always expect to wait at least 30 minutes to place and receive your order--even if there are only two people ahead of you. Then don't be surprised if your burger is cold when you finally get it.
  • Since this burger King takes forever to make your food you have a better chance to go to giant eagle and make your own burger. Worst Fast food restaurant ever!
  • This drive-thru is sketchy....
  • Got the most rudest cashier this morning named Andre. They need better employees.
  • Service is great in the morning. Cashier Mike is very professional.