Bui's Lunch Truck

Row 1

at 38th & Spruce
Philadelphia, PA 19104
(856) 630-7269

Foursquare Tips

  • Text your order to (856) 630-7269 when you're 5 minutes out to skip the line.
  • Great meal for the morning after one of those long nights...
  • For $3.50, the bacon, egg & cheese sandwich is delicious and filling. A great breakfast option if you're too busy to cook something yourself.
  • No matter what you get, ask for extra Bui's sauce. Blows saltpeppaketchup out of the water.
  • Specializing in hangover cures and egg sandwiches. Essential to any penn diet
  • Bacon, egg 'n cheese!
  • If you're a vegetarian, the #3 Mixed Veggies with Bui's sauce is awesome. Careful with the spinach; sometimes it tastes kinda funky.
  • Egg cheese tomato hot sauce salt pepper
  • Don't forget the Bui Sauce
  • Good hangover sandwich but nothing special about it. More expensive than other trucks
  • No credit cards accepted! Nearest ATM is at Wawa at 38th/Spruce.
  • Hmm so i tried their hangover sandwich. It's good but nothing amazing or "unforgettable." Its also a bit more expensive than other trucks. Dont see the big deal about this truck??!
  • Great service and great breakfast sandwiches. When you want something good and you're not in the mood to take a risk and try new places, this is the truck for you.
  • Fantastic bread. The hangover sounds like a lot (because it is), but it's delicious. Make sure you get Bui's sauce too.
  • This food truck offers many sandwiches, but their Hangover Special (filled with sausage, bacon, egg and special sauce) is one of their most popular items.
  • Little known fact: you can text them your order! No more waiting... Just text as you walk out the door and voila it's done when you get there :D
  • Don't get the whole wheat roll on the weekends (stale, but OK on the weekdays) and don't forget saltpeppaketchup