Buena Vista Park

Park, Playground, Scenic Lookout
Buena Vista Ave (at Haight St)
San Francisco, CA 94117
(415) 970-8063


  • Beautiful views of San Francisco.
  • Climb to the top. It's beautiful
  • Great place to get married . Mark Heyert and I got married there 16 years ago and are still going strong . Ha ha ha ha haaa
  • Visit on a misty morning and you'll feel like you're in a fairy tale, as the city fades away.
  • 30 minutes well-spent
  • Look for the broken gravestones that line the paths from the exodus of the dead in the early 1900s.
  • Do not come to san francisco without visiting this park.
  • Best entrance is to walk up 16th St. and make a right on Flint... entrance is near the dead end. Enjoy the "good view" -- this park is named quite literally!
  • Bring your dog! Plenty of socializing at the top.
  • Me and Rich play a game where were superheroes and we have to stop chuck the bad guy! That's a nice boardwalk and a really cool tennis court. there is also a playground and that's very cool.
  • Don't try going down the unpaved paths, they can be a lot steeper than they appear.
  • Beautiful hike with a nice view of the city! You can see the Golden Gate Bridge from the top!
  • Amazing view at the top!
  • a cool park for humans and cows with great views MOoOOooO
  • Check out the gutters along the main paths. Reused headstones from moved cemeteries.
  • Come here a lot to walk my dog and always feel safe, but a man just got stabbed here at 10 am! Scary.
  • I love it when it rains and the people living in the the park desend from the hillside and take cover. it's like watching a nature show!
  • I've heard stories......
  • great place for an afternoon hike and picnic
  • Would be better if they copped down some of the trees at the top so you could see the view.

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