Brooklyn College Library Cafe

Coffee Shop, Library, Café
2900 Bedford Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11210


  • If it's too noisy for you, go to the Library... ya pansy!!
  • Stfu, people are trying to study.
  • It gets pretty loud in here, bring headphones, pandora is your friend :)
  • During the late hours it's almost empty, now it's opened 24/7;)
  • Residence Hall @ Brooklyn College is located two blocks from the Brooklyn College campus on the corner of Kenilworth Place and Farragut Road.
  • ask for java or dark mocha
  • One of the worst places to get any studying done. Always too noisy!
  • regular latte wit cinnamon on top

Nearby places

33 Hillel Pl (at Kenilworth Pl)
1598 Flatbush Ave (at Avenue H)
Brooklyn, NY 11210