Broad Street Riot: Your T-giving Escape

Broad Street Riot: Your T-giving Escape

 Your T giving Escape
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 Broad St. Riot

Photo Credit: Broad St. Riot

Broad Street Riot
131 Broad Street
Boston MA, 02110

Things you’re thankful for: your team’s domination on the field this morning, that awesome nap after your massive turkey dinner, and the amazing new trick your lady recently learned (to make the turkey taste even better, I mean). Well, you can now add one more thing to that list: the recently opened Broad Street Riot.

Earlier this month, GM Andy Kilgore (Formerly of Number 9 Park and Stoddards), Director of Events Aleen R. Saraceno, and Executive Chef Mark Christian McMann (formerly of Ashmont Grill and Bergamont in New York) opened the doors to this oyster bar and Atlantic-style eatery.

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Named after a brawl that occurred in 1837 after Americans attacked an Irish funeral procession, it’s the perfect spot to complete your holiday celebrating the “peace” between clashing parties. The space that was previously home to Blue Inc. is now occupied with reclaimed wooden tables and a bar fashioned from a dry-docked WWI vessel, The USS Liberty. The metallic light fixtures and huge “RIOT” sign create a clean and open feel.

After several days of eating your face off at home, healthy fresh eats like the diverse selection of coast-to-coast oysters and other delicious treats from the sea will help you feel a bit less like the Michelin tire guy. If you do want to continue celebrating your holiday with excessive eating, however, you can also choose from delectable dishes like the Lobster BLSGT (House maple bacon, fried-pickled green tomato, Duke’s mayo, and watercress) or the Cedar Brined Pork Chop (Ginger caramelized apples & squash, bourbon braised cabbage alongside a maple jus).

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I think you’ll find that, much like the Turkey you had, these Oysters will have you craving bed too (but for a better reason. Bow-chika-bow-wow).

By Amanda Blum

Amanda Blum writes and edits E.S.P. Eat. See. Play. lifestyle content for Boston.