Brighton Beach

Brooklyn, NY 11235


  • ))) )))
  • Learn russian
  • . " " . . .
  • Watch out for the bits of glass in the sand
  • Sit down on a bench grab a bag of semechkiy (sunflower seeds) from the smoothie spot nd chyll out nuttin like everyother person u see u kno nd watch the beautiful russian girls pass
  • Phone is dying? On the boardwalk near Volna Cafe_Restaurant there is a charging station and you can get some juice for free!
  • , , ( - ))) ... G.G.
  • Okyanusun suyu souk belki girmekte glk ekersiniz ama hafta ii gittiinizde deniz kenarnda kafar dinlemenin tad paha biilemez..
  • Lots of old gross russian ladies in completely age-inappropriate bikinis. Lifeguards are sexy, tho! !
  • DANGEROUS::::: Armenians "ARRAAA"
  • Take your trash with you. Keep the beach clean.
  • If you don't drink beer, you'll die!
  • ...
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  • Beautiful place to run, people watch, and enjoy some fine cuisine right on the boardwalk.
  • , )))
  • Little odessa deserves its name;)
  • If you want to just relax for an afternoon in fron of the water, or for a pleasent walk.
  • Ah o gzel yaz gnleri...

Nearby places

Riegelmann Boardwalk
3152 Brighton 6th St (Boardwalk, Brighton Beach)
607 Brighton Beach Ave (btwn Brighton 6th & Brighton 7th St)