Breaking Bread with Eric Kayser: The King of Baguettes

From by Wanda Mann
Breaking Bread with Eric Kayser: The King of Baguettes

Eric Kayser Baguette"A baker is an alchemist." - Eric Kayser

Spend just a few minutes with award-winning master baker Eric Kayser and you'll never settle for inferior bread again. It takes 12 hours to prepare a Maison Kayser baguette and it contains only water, flour, liquid leaven, salt, and plenty of passion - nothing artificial.  A fourth generation baker from France, Eric's exceptional artisan bread is available throughout his homeland and abroad at his burgeoning empire of Maison Kayser bakeries & cafés in Europe, Asia, Mexico, and the Middle East. Maison Kayser's first USA location opened in New York in 2012 and quickly won over the discerning palates of locals with their breads, pastries, and full menu of savory classics like French onion soup. There are now 9 Maison Kayser locations in New York City - eight in Manhattan and the newest in downtown Brooklyn.

Watch the three-minute video below to learn from Eric the six things you must know when selecting a baguette. And listen to my ten-minute conversation with Eric on my new podcast - we discuss everything from bread to the coffee habits of New Yorkers! Eric also reminded me that quality bread is an integral part of a healthy diet. Did I mention that Eric is a marathon runner that eats baguettes and ham every morning?


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